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Natasha Akpoti makes headway in Kogi guber polls

Natasha Akpoti, the Social  Democrat Party cabdidate in the Kogi governorship elections made a headway sespite tge fact that deputy governor of Kogi state, Edward Onoja,  secured victory in his polling unit at Emoyokwu Unit 1, Ogugu Ward 2, Olamaboro local government area of the state.

In a landslide win, Onoja secured 934 votes, while is Peoples Democratic Party counterpart got no votes.

The Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party got one vote, two votes were counted as invalid while six others were rejected by officials.

In the same vein, the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Natasha Akpoti, was defeated in her polling unit by the incumbent governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello.

Premium Times reports that Bello defeated Akpoti by securing 78 votes while the SDP governorship candidate got 76 votes.

While the PDP did not record any vote in the unit, the governor and Akopti are from the same part of the state.

The Kogi state’s SDP governorship candidate speaking after casting her vote said the growing violence in the state due to the election is totally unnecessary.


Natasha Akpoti, despite her belonging to a weaker party in Kogi was considered significant enough to attract violent attacks and intimidation by the state machinery.

The elections, appear set for controversy given widespread violence and participation of powerful actors including Dino Melaye and Smart Adeyemi contesting Kogi West senatorial district.

Yahaya Bello is confident of a win…but avenues for major upsets remain open…however it appears the electorate has been cowed…traditional rulers given ultimatum to declare support for YB….smart ones….got at least a N300m Roller. This democracy.


#BayelsaDecides: APC leads in Yenagoa

The All Progressives Congress, APC is in early lead in Yenegoa, the state capital of Bayelsa in the governorship election in the state.

This is based on results declared at the polling units monitored by our reporter.

The APC also recorded massive lead in Nembe ward 3, unit 2, with its governorship candidate, David Lyon polling 1,000 votes against the 22 votes recorded by the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Douye Diri.

Atissa ward 1, unit 9, Yenagoa LGA PDP – 77 APC – 9

Ikibiri unit 2, Yenagoa LGA PDP – 51 APC – 108

Agudama-Epie, ward 4, unit 12, Yenagoa LGS PDP- 24 APC – 368

Agudama-Epie unit 9, Yenagoa LGA PDP -54 APC – 789

Igbogene-Epie, unit 4, Yenagoa PDP – 74 APC – 649

Azikoro unit 3, Yenagoa LGA PDP- 189 APC- 244

Azikoro unit 4, Yenagoa LGA PDP- 120 APC – 169

Azikoro unit 5, Yenagoa PDP- 134 APC- 204

Ikibiri, unit 1, Yenagoa PDP- 64 APC- 256

In Bayelsa, though 45 political parties are fielding candidates for the election, the contest seems to be practically between the PDP and APC.

While the candidate of the PDP, Senator Douye Diri, is believed to have adequate experience to govern the state, having served as the commissioner, House of Representatives member and presently a senator, his main challenger, the APC candidate, David Lyon, is banking on his philanthropic gestures over the years which have endeared him to the people.

Lyon, the oil surveillance contractor for multinational companies working in the state, has used the contract to empower many people in the state through provision of jobs and empowerment of youths, women and other people, attracting enormous support and admiration across the state.

Bayelsa poll: I’m disappointed, says Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has said he was not happy at what he observed at his hometown polling unit, Otuokein Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa.

He said this on Saturday while addressing newsmen after casting his vote at 11:30am.

“I arrived the polling unit around 8:19am and there was no conduct of election, no journalist to observe the election,’’

“I am really disappointed on what I observed today compare to other African countries I monitored elections.’’

He further said that throughout his participation in monitoring elections in many African countries that he had never seen where election officials arrived at polling units so late.

“I have led election monitoring teams to other African countries, we use to go 30 minutes before the time and in our reports, we indicate the exact time when the vote starts.

“So, for election to start after that time it is an indictment to the electoral body that manages election, there is no reason here election should not start by 8:00 a.m.

“So, even the youth should stop blaming old people, you blame yourselves and do things properly.

Jonathan’s kinsmen celebrate PDP’s defeat


Kinsmen of former President Goodluck Jonathan in Kolo, Ogbia Local Government Area trooped out to celebrate the defeat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ward 9.

They took over the road leading to Ogbia Town immediately the results of the 13 units in Ward 9 were announced by electoral officials and APC was declared the winner of the ward.

Some of them flew the flag of APC while others used their brooms to sweep the road saying they had suffered under the current PDP government.

Some of them said they were given as much as N10,000 but that they rejected the money because they were United and determined to vote out PDP.

“We are happy because we won the PDP in all the units” one of them, who failed to mention his name out of excitement said.

Also in Eppie-Atissa in Yenagoa, residents took over the road jubilating over the defeat of the PDP in the area.

Bello struggles as results trickle in from Kogi

Results of the governorship election in Kogi are being collated from different polling units in the 21 Local Government Areas in the State.

No fewer than 20 political parties are jostling for the seat of the State number one citizen.

Here are results being announced by INEC officials in polling units:

PU : 01
Ward : 08 LG : Yagba east
Senatorial District : Kogi West

Makutu (2)

APC : 120
PDP : 274
SDP: 1

APC : 124
PDP : 270

Adavi LG
WARD: 09

APC: 491
PDP: 0

Results from PU 014, Ward 10, Ibaji LGA
Governorship Election
APC – 71
PDP- 97
SDP- 7
Invalid – 13
Total number of vali votes- 175
Accredited voters- 188
Total number on register- 520.

Adavi LG
WARD: 06


APC: 340
PDP: 1
ADC : 2

Adavi LG
WARD: 06


APC: 254
PDP: 1

Adavi LG
WARD: 10

APC: 541
PDP: 0
UPC: 0

Adavi LG
WARD: 10

APC: 684
PDP: 0

5:02 PM
Adavi LG
WARD: 10


APC: 961
PDP: 8
SDP: 18

Adavi LG
WARD: 10


APC: 488
PDP: 1

PU : 01 Ward : 07
LG : Yagba east
Senatorial District : Kogi West

Makutu (1)
APC : 103
PDP : 232

APC : 98
PDP : 223

ANKPA LG Ankpa Township Opulegba, beside roundabout
PU 001

Governorship Election Result
PDP – 318
APC – 94
PPN – 3
SDP- 5
APM – 1
NCP – 1

PU : 07
Ward : 03(Odo Ere/Oke Ere)
LG : Yagba West
Senatorial District : Kogi West
Kogi State

Obayagba (07)

APC : 54
PDP : 79

APC : 50
PDP : 91


Open space II, Ileteju, Ogori. PU 002. Ogori/Magongo.

Total votes: 139
Invalid Votes: 0

APC: 98
PDP: 37
SDP: 3
ADP: 1

Polling unit 002 Orokere Police Station Frontage, Mopamuro LGA.

Governorship Election Results.
APC: 33
PDP: 117
SDP: 2

APC: 30
PDP : 120

PU : 03
Ward : 03(Odo Ere/Oke Ere)
LG : Yagba West
Senatorial District : Kogi West
Kogi State

Oja Ope (03)

APC : 74
PDP : 109

APC : 79
PDP : 108

3: 34pm PU12; Ward 1, Bassa LGA

Gubernatorial Result
PRP: 1
PPN: 2
AAC: 2
AD: 1
UDP: 1
Total no of registered voters:471

PU 001, Takete Mopamuro LGA.
Governorship Election Results.
APC: 81
PDP: 85
SDP: 3
ADC: 1
AD: 1

APC: 84
PDP : 85
SDP: 2
AD: 1
VOID : 1

Ward 10, PU 003 – Nagazi Farm centre. Adavi local govt, Kogi state.

YDP: 1
APC: 452

Orokere Bus stop Area, Mopamuro LGA.

APC : 23
PDP : 146
SDP: 1

Election Result
ANKPA LG Ankpa Suburb I
Islamic Primary School PU 004
Invalid votes – 9
Accredited Votes 401
PDP – 336
APC – 45
SDP – 2
PPN – 1
NCP – 2
ADC- 1

WARD: 10
UNIT 008

APC: 248
SDP 01

LGEA/RCM Sch. Obinoyin II. PU 008. Ogori/Magongo LGA.

Total Votes: 118
Rejected Votes: 4

APC: 57
PDP: 43
SDP: 13
NCP: 1

Adavi LG
WARD: 02

APC: 91
PDP: 1


Apc 252
PDP 86
Sdp 2

Open space – Obinoyin-Magongo IV. 006. Ogori/Magongo LGA.

Total votes: 68
Invalid Votes: 3
Valid votes: 65

SDP: 1
PDP: 18
APC: 46

KOGI, Owolli APA

PU 002

Idah LG

PDP 211

APC 88



LGEA/RCM Sch, Obinoyin. PU 004. Obinoyin. Ogori/Magongo LGA.

Total votes: 72
Invalid Votes: 1

APC: 41
PDP: 21
SDP: 8

Gov. Bello wins in Natasha Akpoti’s PU 019, Ward 01, Obeiba/Ihima, Okehi LG

APC: 78

SDP: 76

Open space III. PU 003. Obinoyin. OGORI MAGONGO.

Total: 131
Invalid Votes: 9
Valid votes: 122

SDP: 7
PDP: 24
APC: 91

2:14pm. Open space IV. Obinoyin. Ogori/Magongo LGA

Total votes: 81
Rejected: 1
SDP: 3
PDP: 18
APC: 59

PU 003, Ward 3, Bassa LGA

Total no of registered voters: 615

ADC: 1
SDP: 9
PDP: 88
APC: 178

Invalid 2

Rejected 1.

Ward 06, PU 002, Idah LG.

Total number of voters – 516

Invalid – 8

Bride arrives wedding in coffin

An unidentified bride pulled quite a weird stunt at her wedding as she arrived her reception venue in a coffin.

The bride started dancing immediately the coffin was opened to the amazement of everyone who gathered to celebrate with her on her big day.

Some details of the wedding is still unclear at the time of filing this report. However recall that a 58-year-old bride, Jenny Buckleff pulled same stunt in 2018 by also showing up at her wedding in a coffin. She said she did it because she wanted to be different.

Jenny said ‘I just wanted to do something a little bit different. Instead of turning up in a horse-drawn cart, I thought I’m going to turn up in a coffin.”

Bayelsa: Dickson votes, alleges hijacking of voting materials

Gov. Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa voted at Polling Unit 005, Ward 2, Toru-Orua community, Sagbama Local Government Area of the state, alleging that the All Progressives Congress of working with security agencies to hijack voting materials.

He said after voting that security agencies had aided the APC to move voting materials meant for Nembe and Southern Ijaw local government areas to unknown destinations.

“There is a well-organised election crime ongoing in our state; they have established unofficial collation centres in some places.

“There whole intention is to subvert the will of the people and jeopardise the efforts of well-meaning Bayelsa people to develop the state,’’ he said.

He, however, commended the people of Toru-Orua for their turn-our during the election, saying, “ your passion for positive change is commendable’’

But some community people who spoke to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN expressed satisfaction at the level of calm and order in the conduct of the poll.

They said that the presence of security personnel in the community had reduced the tension among the voting public.

Chief Abite Alawei, a community leader said that he was confident that the process would be concluded without violence.

“We have not witnessed any breach of law and order in the community since the process began, our people have conducted themselves orderly.

“As you can see, voting is also ongoing, and the process is orderly, we pray it continues this way till the end,’’ he said.

Mr Amaye Soldier, a teacher, also told NAN that he was satisfied with the conduct of the polling officials in the unit.

“We are watching the process, so far, we are comfortable with the conduct of the election officials, they have shown fairness and purpose,’’ he said.

NAN reports that Gov. Dickson’s residence did not witness the usual beehive of activities that characterise a governor’s country home during elections.

Some local community people say the attention and loyalty of political followers had shifted to candidates of the major political parties contesting the election.(NAN)

Bayelsa: NAN correspondent, others in boat mishap

A boat conveying journalists across flooded parts of Sampou community on Nun River in Kolokuma Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa capsized and threw the four occupants into the water.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the boat was carrying four journalists covering the governorship elections, including its correspondent.

The journalists were returning from the polling station when the incident happened and left the victims submerged but the timely intervention of sympathisers rescued the journalists whose mobile phones, cameras and recorders were drenched.

A stretch of about 200 metres along the road, leading to polling unit 4, Ward 6, where the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Sen. Douye Diri voted was flooded, compelling the journalists to resort to local canoes to cross.

The flood had delayed the setup of polling stations across the flooded community to about 10.16 a.m, two hours behind schedule.

The flood submerged many parts of Amasoma, Yenagoa and parts of Sagbama, a development that displaced polling stations.

Diri who voted at about 10.35 a.m. observed that the elections were peaceful in his area but regretted that he got reports of electoral fraud, violence in Nembe, Opolo and Enewari and other parts of the state.(NAN)


Sporadic violence mars Bayelsa, Kogi gov elections

Sporadic violence marred polls in two key Nigerian states Saturday, despite a heavy security presence after a bloody run-up to the elections.

Bayelsa and central Kogi are among the seven states where governorship elections are held at different times from the general election due to court rulings.

Bayelsa has been ruled by the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party since Nigeria returned to civilian rule in 1999.

Counting began on Saturday evening.

Election officials said results had been trickling in, but voting would continue in areas where there had been stray violence.

In Bayelsa, the election was cancelled in some stations in the Ogbia area following the abduction of an election official and the burning of voting materials.

Voting opened late in most polling stations in the state, with long queues forming in Yenagoa, the state capital, and elsewhere.

In Otuoke, the hometown of former president Goodluck Jonathan, party thugs fought over the late arrival and distribution of voting materials.

Many people were injured in the fracas.

A Toyota Sienna SUV belonging to Splash FM, Ibadan, was damaged by thugs at Ayetoro area of Kogi state after violence broke out at the polling unit.

The polls officially closed at 2:00 pm (1300 GMT), but electoral officials said those who had already queued up would be allowed to vote even after the deadline.

Some 900,000 voters are eligible to vote for the candidates of 45 political parties in 1,804 polling stations across Bayelsa.

The leading candidates are David Lyon of ruling All Progressive Congress and PDP’s Douye Diri, a former senator.

The winner of the election will replace PDP’ Governor Seriake Dickson, who is stepping down after two four-year terms, the legal maximum.

The Independent National Electoral Commission said over 31,000 policemen had been deployed in Bayelsa, as well as 87 gunboats, to prevent violence.

Police helicopters hovered over Yenagoa, while soldiers and anti-riot police mounted roadblocks at major points, an AFP reporter said.

This week, a staffer at a radio station was shot dead and many injured during an attack on a political rally in Bayelsa; and in Kogi state, a campaign office was burnt down.

“Already there have been several instances of violence at election campaign rallies in both Bayelsa and Kogi states,” Amnesty International said.

Voters on Saturday said they wanted a peaceful election.

“We crave a free, fair and hitch-free elections in Bayelsa. Everybody should be allowed to exercise his or her franchise without harassment and intimidation,” Joseph Cookey, a textile trader in the southern city of Port Harcourt, told AFP.

Housewife Alice Ebere urged “politicians to shun violence and allow the wish of people to prevail”.

In Kogi where incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello of APC is seeking re-election against Musa Wada of PDP and 22 other candidates, a boy was shot in the leg when a group of people stormed into a polling unit and snatched ballot boxes.

Local reports also said some party agents were beaten up at another polling booth in the state.

In Kogi, a total 35,200 police had been deployed to protect some 1.5 million registered voters, according to INEC.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation with 190 million people, has a long history of electoral violence, vote-buying, ballot-stuffing and voter intimidation.

Dozens of people were killed during the 2019 general election which returned President Muhammadu Buhari to power.

In 2011, hundreds of people were killed in post-election violence, mostly in northern Nigeria.

Buhari, the 76-year-old General who headed a military regime in the 1980s, has promised to reform the country’s electoral system to ensure free, fair and credible elections.


Kogi gov election: Journalists attacked in Ayetoro, car damaged

Some journalists who are covering the governorship election in Ayetoro area of Kogi State were attacked by some youths after thugs ran off with ballot boxes at Ward 01, Unit 004, where Dino Melaye had earlier voted.

Thugs numbering about 10 invaded the polling unit in two Hilux vans and a Honda Civic car, shooting into the air and targeting the ballot boxes.

The ballot boxes were eventually taken away, while some boys in the community chased the vehicles with no success.

A young man, simply identified as Dami, who just left a local eatery and was passing through the polling unit was shot in the leg and was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

Enraged by the action of the thugs, youths in the community blocked roads leading to the area with tyres, which they set on fire.

The Punch correspondent and journalists from The Nation, Splash FM and others were trapped in the violence that ensued.

When eventually the journalists made their way out of the community, the angry youths shifted attention to the journalists, damaging one of their vehicles in the process.