Anthony Joshua spotted on crutches at ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest…says racism is a pandemic

Anthony Joshua refused to let a serious knee injury prevent him from attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Watford on Saturday afternoon.

The unified heavyweight champion of the world was spotted amongst hundreds of protestors who gathered in Watford town centre on Saturday to get behind the movement, which has gained widespread support worldwide.

“The virus has been declared a pandemic,” Joshua said as he addressed protesters.

“This is out of control. And I’m not talking about Covid-19. The virus I’m talking about is called racism.”

The IBF, WBA and WBO world champion added: “We stand united against a virus which has been instrumental in taking lives, taking lives of the young, old, rich, poor; a virus which is unapologetic and spreads across all sectors.”

Anti-racism protests are being held across the globe following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed in the US after being pinned to the ground with a knee on his neck by a white policeman.

And Joshua joined hundreds of BLM supporters in the streets of Watford on Saturday – albeit on crutches.

The 30-year-old has been spotted with a brace on his knee in recent weeks and was also forced to wear it during the protest.

But with a long walk through the town of Watford in store, AJ opted for a pair of crutches to help facilitate his journey.

At one stage he ditched the crutches, however, and was seen riding a scooter amongst his fellow protestors.

Earlier last week, an unnamed source shed light on Joshua’s injury, which is not believed to be an “immediate concern”.

“Anthony felt a slight twinge in his knee while training,” they told The Sun.

“The brace is a precautionary measure on the advice of physios.

“It will be further checked by his doctors but there is no immediate concern.”

Joshua was one of several high-profile figures who took part in Blackout Tuesday, an initiative which saw social media flooded with symbolic black squares in support of the BLM movement.

Along with his black square, the Olympic gold medallist wrote: “Rest in peace to our ancestors who fought & died for our freedom.

“Rest in peace to all the Afro-Caribbean descendants that have been murdered, sent to jail, denied jobs, racial profiled, lynched, shot & suffocated! All because of the colour of our skin.

“When the lights are turned back on tomorrow, what would you like to see?

“I’m so proud of the BLM movement. The peaceful protests! Are you?”

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