US-based Nigerian parents arrested after son dies during fasting

Kehinde Omosebi and Titilayo, his wife, have been arrested by the Reedsburg police department in Wisconsin, US, following the death of their 15-year old son.

Ayanfe, their teenage son, was found dead in the family house and another child, an 11-year old was hospitalised following what the father described as a week-long religious fast.

According to Wisconsin State Journal, the 49-year old father had voluntarily gone to the Reedsburg police station on Sunday to report his son’s death.

Timothy Becker, Reedsburg police chief, said Ayanfe was found dead when officers arrived at the family’s residence.

The 11-year-old boy found at the family residence along with 48-year old Titilayo, the mother of the deceased, was also found to be “extremely emaciated.”

Becker said the father told police he was a minister affiliated with Cornerstone Reformation Ministries.

He said the family had started a religious fast on July 19 and the teenage boy died on August 31, exactly 44 days later.

Sonny Hyde, pastor of the Cornerstone Ministry Baptist Church in Reedsburg, said the family was not affiliated with his church, and he has not heard of Cornerstone Reformation Ministries in the community.

The 11-year old boy and his mother were taken to a hospital in the community but the mother refused treatment, citing religious reasons, and was taken to the Sauk County Jail.

Police said the parents would be remanded in custody on “possible charges of neglecting a child causing death and neglecting a child causing great bodily harm,” until they appear in the Sauk County Circuit Court.

The 11-year-old is said to be in protective custody receiving care at the Children’s Hospital in Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin.

The Reedsburg police chief said the parents are now eating while jailed in Baraboo, a city in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

4 thoughts on “US-based Nigerian parents arrested after son dies during fasting

  1. parents should have applied wisdom, no doubt. Likely brainwashed by another lunatic pastor… God has nit sent anyone to deprive themselves of nutrient for for growth and well being. Sad story…with a young life cut short fasting is not wrong if done sensibly….

  2. Fasting prescribed by Jesus is not to be a forcibly impossed action. It’s a consensual doctrine. And it goes with genuine prayers, for an appointed time with breakfast in between or taking water and fruits. Dry fasting which is for the ordained minister of the Lord are done with specific time and consideration for the health of the ministers. As a minister, I missed many days of decreed fasting early dz year bcoz of health issue. I swallow drugs. These satanic parents must pay for the lunacy… Christian is not about dogmatic

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