Deputy Vice Chancellor identifies students’ biggest distractions

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Prof. Adenike Boyo, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration, Lagos State University, has said that phones and music were the biggest distractions facing modern day students.


The Vice Chancellor said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday in Lagos State.

The Deputy VC told NAN that there was a need for students to have a healthy balance in all they do.


Boyo said: “I’m not saying that having a telephone is not good; it is.

“But what do you do with it?

“If you are using it to study, it’s beneficial, but if you are using it for music and yahoo yahoo (cybercrime), then such a fellow has no need to have a cell phone.

“We can’t stop them from using their phones; we have our lectures there, at times it’s hybrid; if you have a class of 250, students can join online.

“So it’s useful and attendance can be taken too online.

“We just want them to do more valuable things with their phones; research and what have you, transforming your idea into reality with the help of information communication technology.”

Boyo urged students to take advantage of relevant information and knowledge in the cyber space and focus on their studies.

She added: “Students at this level can practice self discipline or control and create a boundary that doesn’t compromise their concentration during studies.

“Also, music; they use most of their time to follow all the stars instead of reading their books.

“Anywhere there’s Wi-Fi, they will keep struggling to sign in and they mostly focus on what is not beneficial to them.

“There must be balance, that’s what a responsible and goal-driven student should focus on.”

On dressing, the Deputy VC applauded students of LASU for adhering to the dress code.

She said: “Because there’s more awareness now unlike before, it’s the way you are dressed that you will be addressed.

“Our students are complying.

“Our security checks them too.

“That keeps them in check, so they’re neatly dressed.”