Bandit gunmen finance themselves from kidnapping — Gumi

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Shiek Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric, says terrorism in the country is not financed by Nigerians but by the terrorists who kidnap people for ransom.


Gumi said this on Wednesday, during an X conversation hosted by Daily Trust.

Recently, the federal government, through the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), revealed the identities of 15 entities, including nine individuals and six Bureau De Change operators and firms, allegedly involved in terrorism financing.


PUNCH reported that the Nigeria Sanctions Committee, during a meeting on Monday, recommended punitive measures for persons alleged to be involved in terrorism financing.

Tukur Mamu, publisher of Desert Harald, who was also mentioned in the list, is currently standing trial over alleged involvement in aiding terrorists’ attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train in 2022.

“These terrorists don’t need any financing from outside, they are the ones collecting billions from people, so what are you talking about financing?” Gumi said.

“Now they are looking for N1bn for these children. What are you talking about financing? They are financing themselves by kidnapping.”

Gumi added that the federal government is only trying to frame up its enemies by tagging them as terrorism financiers.

“To just frame your enemies or political opponents in the society as financing terrorism, I think that is rubbish to me,” he said.

“No Nigerian will put his money in terror, we are beyond that. These people are financing themselves by force, this is what they are doing, taking our children to get money.

“How can we just say some people are financing terrorism just because there is a misunderstanding with them?”

Commenting on the alleged involvement of Mamu in terrorism financing, he said “the case is already in court and once a case is in the court, allow the court to decide”.

“Who declared somebody a financier? Is it the court of law or the security? The security has no right to declare anybody as a financier except the court of law,” he said.

“What I know of Mamu and the situation which led to his arrest is the misunderstanding between him and the committee that are supposed to deal with the release of some victims.”

The cleric added that he would endorse the punishment of Mamu if he is proven guilty by the court.