CVA 2024: Voting begins in search for Best Value-for-Money Brands

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BrandXchange kicks off the search for Best Value-for-Money Brands in 2024 with the opening of the consumers value awards website:

for consumers to vote for brands nominated by consumers.

This year’s voting commenced on 15th March 2024 as part of activities highlighting the consumer rights day.
Speaking at the presentation on the Consumers Value Awards website opening, Akonte Ekine, founder and Chief Executive Officer BrandXchange revealed that all is set for the consumers to express themselves in the new season of market challenges by visiting the website to cast votes for brands that living up to their claims.
Brands are classified according to industries and new category of most consumer-friendly brand category is introduced based on the nominations made by consumers. There will be social advocacy conversation recognition based on consumer preferences amongst others added Akonte.


This year’s edition will be the 3rd edition and the them is empowering consumers.

The voting platform will be active for 3 months from 15th March till 15th June for consumers to vote across the country.

Brands of value were nominated by consumers across the country based on market experience both on and offline and it has enabled BrandXchange to aggregate brands together for the purpose of engaging the market with the objective of validating brand claims through consumer votes for a period of three months.

The last two editions of the awards resulted in recognizing a total of over one hundred brands both local and international as best value for money brands.

This year’s voting list has over two hundred brands up for voting based on the nominations of consumers.
It is a transparent programme for consumers and brand managers or owners to see, especially now that we are in a season of alternative or substitute brands with the dictates of the economy, consumers are shifting ground in buying behaviour due to increasing pressure on the pockets.