Home News Ahmed Lawan participated in Yobe North senatorial primary – APC chairman

Ahmed Lawan participated in Yobe North senatorial primary – APC chairman


Abdullahi Adamu, the chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, has said Senate President Ahmad Lawan was submitted to INEC as a candidate because he took part in ‘a secret primary’ in Yobe North Senatorial District.

Mr Adamu said Nigerians should believe his claim that an undisclosed senatorial primary took place. He said the mysterious primary was conducted after Mr Lawan was defeated at the ruling party’s presidential primary by Bola Tinubu.

“I do know in my honour that he did participate within the timeline,” Mr Lawan told reporters at the State House on Monday, AIT reported. “Go and find out from the person who is responsible for organising the primary.” He did not name the person that organised the purported primary. Mr Lawan has not claimed to take part in any primary.

The APC chairman said he wouldn’t respond to widespread criticism and charges of fraud raised by Bashir Machina, the winner of the only senatorial primary that was publicly known to have been conducted by the party in late May.

“I can not respond to every speculation, particularly when they are negative. Especially when they are from mischief-makers,” Mr Adamu said.

Last week, the party sent Mr Lawan’s name to INEC as the candidate for Yobe North, even though he was widely known not to have taken part in the primary.

Mr Machina has said he would challenge the decision in court because he did not at any time cede his mandate to the Senate President, who has failed to address the issue publicly.

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