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Female banker sacked for sleeping with 200 male job seekers, clients

A Zambian female banker has been suspended for allegedly sleeping with over 200 men while promising them jobs, according to a report by the ZambianWatch.

The woman identified as Mutale Winfridah, a branch senior executive of ZANACO bank, was suspended by bank management for sleeping with over 200 different men who were both clients and job seekers.

Mutale, 39, was suspended after more than 10 men formally lodged complaints against her, claiming she had used her influence as a branch senior bank executive to “enjoy their bed energies” after promising them jobs at the bank and approving their bank loan applications.

Mutale is said to be unmarried because of her quest to attain different academic qualifications before finding a partner.

Couple falls from ninth floor during lovemaking

A couple, who was making love on the windowsill of a ninth-floor apartment fell leaving the woman dead, while her partner, who survived returned to the party, that was reportedly holding in the said apartment.

It was reported that the incident happened on July 5 at a block of flats in St Petersburg, Russia.

According to Daily Mail, the 30-year-old woman landed head-first on the asphalt and died instantly, while the man survived after his fall was broken by her body and nearby bushes.

Witnesses told local media that the partially clothed man then got up and went back to rejoin the party.

Witnesses said they saw a television thrown from the window of the flat, after which the woman and her 29-year-old lover plunged to the ground below.

Police were called, and when they arrived the revellers allegedly threw a mop out of the windows at them.

Man dared to eat gecko, dies 10 days after

Australian father-of-three David Dowell was in “absolute agony” before he died, suffering from a salmonella infection potentially caused by a Christmas party dare involving a gecko.

More than six months on, his family is still searching for answers after hearing conflicting accounts from those who were at the party and going without details from the coroner.

It would have been David’s 35th birthday last Tuesday, June 25, but instead of celebrating, his family held a vigil.

Beside the Logan River where he liked to go fishing, they placed paper boats in the water with messages they never got to tell him.

David left behind partner of 15 years Allira and three daughters – Alyssa, Claudia and Sage – as well as four siblings and nieces and nephews, one of whom was born four weeks after his death.

Hannah Dowell, David’s sister, said nobody had a bad word to say about her brother.

“He was one of a kind … just a great person and the kids have lost one of the best dads ever,” she said.

On Saturday, December 1, David went to a Christmas party. The next day he didn’t feel well but thought it was just a hangover.

“Then on Monday, it was coming out both ends and he was really sick and the moment he started throwing up and it was green, that’s when they rang the ambulance,” Hannah said.

“When they got there, the (paramedics) didn’t even want to take him (to hospital). They said he just had gastro and his partner said: ‘no, you’ve got to take him; it’s not just gastro’.”

On Tuesday, December 4, David was diagnosed at the Mater Hospital with a salmonella infection.

Salmonella is a foodborne pathogen, which can also be transmitted from person to person.

The bacteria attach to small intestine cells and start multiplying, causing a gut infection, but in severe cases, the bacteria can move into the bloodstream.

In most cases, it only causes diarrhea, stomach cramps and fever, but in compromised patients, those with health conditions or the young and old, it can be much more severe.

David’s family thought chicken was the cause of the salmonella.

Then on the Sunday, according to Hannah, David’s partner, Allira, was talking to one of his friends and remembered “Oh, David ate a gecko that night I’m pretty sure”.

“She [David’s partner] told the doctor and the doctor said ‘that could have been it’,” Hannah said.

“But there has been no evidence that he actually ate it because there was: ‘Oh yeah I saw him eat it’. And then: ‘No, I didn’t see him eat it’.

“It was a dare, so he might have intended to eat it and then thrown it away.

“At the end of the day, we don’t know whether he actually ate the gecko. David never mentioned it.”

University of Queensland school of agriculture and food sciences deputy head Mark Turner said the gecko theory was plausible.

Dr Turner said a wide range of warm- and cold-blooded animals carried salmonella, including turtles, snakes, frogs and geckos, which have the bacteria in their gut.

“It’s possible that if the gecko was eaten, as it was being digested, the salmonella was released, but I have never heard of anything like this before,” he said.

“It just goes to show that things as innocent as geckos can carry disease bacteria.”

In the Mater, David was not well and his symptoms were particularly confronting.

Hannah said he was very bloated, resembling someone six months pregnant. His urine was black, his vomit was green and after a few days he had fluid on his lungs.

“When I went up and saw him, he was just in absolute agony,” she said.

“Mum was asking them (doctors) because he had a blockage, ‘can’t you just operate?’ They said no.”

David’s mother, Michelle, said fluid leaked from his stomach.

“His testicles were swollen up to grapefruits and there was fluid leaking from them and they [doctors] said that was normal, it was just all of the fluid in his stomach cavity,” she said.

The Mater Hospital could not go into detail regarding David’s case because of patient confidentiality.

“Mater offers its deepest condolences to the family of Mr David Dowell. Mr Dowell’s case was referred to the Coroner, who determined Mater had provided appropriate care and no further action was required. Mater is unable to comment further on the case due to patient confidentiality.”

In a statement, the Coroners Court said: “After consideration of the hospital records, the coronial registrar finalised the investigation by authorising the cause of death certificate to issue without coronial autopsy.”

David was described as “a big kid” who loved gardening. He once wandered off at Oktoberfest to go to the toilet and his family found him in the smoking area talking to everyone.

“That was the kind of person he was … I’m so grateful that I got to spend time with him. I’m glad that he was my brother,” Hannah said.

“We went to the local pub and people who didn’t really know him [David] were coming up and saying how awesome he was.”

David’s family said they hoped another family would not have to go through what they had.

“Look out for the signs and realise how bad salmonella can be, so we can prevent it from happening to someone else,” Hannah said.

Woman transported to hospital with toddler stuck in vagina

A 31-year old woman was admitted to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center yesterday after the 14-month old toddler she was babysitting got stuck in her vaginal cavity.

Latifah Brown called 911 around 9:30 PM last night, reporting that she had a baby stuck in her vagina.

The operator first assumed that she was giving birth at home and dispatched an ambulance to the site.

The paramedics had quite a surprise when they arrived on the site and saw what was actually happening.

One of the paramedics, Brian Whitmore, related the incident in an interview with WBNS-10 TV.

“The little boy wore a diaper and pyjamas, but he had his legs and abdomen stuck in the woman’s vagina.”

The paramedics spent more than an hour on the site trying to release the child from his difficult position but were unable to get the toddler out.

I don’t know how she got the child in there! We were both pulling as strong as we could and he wouldn’t come out,” one said.

Ms. Brown and the child were finally transported to the hospital, where doctors were able to separate them after a delicate operation.

The young boy suffers from a dislocated hip, but doctors don’t think he will suffer any sequelae from the incident.

The paramedic, Ryan Whitmore, says he was shocked when he arrived on the scene and saw the fully dressed toddler caught in the woman’s vagina.

She explained that she was feeling depressed after her doctor told her she could never have children and wanted to know how it felt to give birth.

Ms. Brown now faces a total of 11 criminal charges, including aggravated child neglect causing bodily harm, and could spend up to 65 years in prison.

Her lawyer has asked for a psychiatric evaluation, claiming that she isn’t fit to stand trial.

Depending on the results of the evaluation, her trial could begin in June.

Four women fight in mortuary over dead man

There was confusion in a morgue in Kenya after four women argued and fought over the body of a man they each claimed was their husband.

The three of the ladies who came to claim the body of the deceased are identified as Janet Wambui, Lydia Wanjiru, Susan Wakuthii; the fourth is yet to be identified.

The deceased, Peter Mwangi Gichobu, a Taxi driver a.k.a boda boda rider, reportedly died in an accident which occurred at Nyangati-Embu road a month ago.

The four women on getting to the Kirinyaga County Funeral Parlour fought over the body of the man and had to be separated by police officers from Kerugoya police post who intervened in the matter.

The Morgue authorities however, revealed that the death certificate would be given to the deceased’s next of kin who was his uncle, Kanyekiini MCA, Harrison Ngiria.

They also promised the angry ladies that they would be included during the distribution of the wealth left by the man.

It was further learnt that the 32-year-old man had a son with each of the women.

Parrot arrested for warning drug couriers of Police presence

A parrot that warned two alleged drug dealers in Brazil that Police were coming was taken into custody after it almost foiled the undercover drug raid, authorities said.

When the parrot spotted officers last Tuesday at its owners’ Teresina, Brazil, home, it squawked “Mama, Police!” in Portuguese, E-Daily has said, quoting a Brazilian media Oliberal.

Despite the bird’s efforts to tip off its owners, a man and a woman were arrested, reports say.

Drugs, including crack and marijuana, were reportedly found at the property, as well as large amounts of money.

Police said since its arrest, the parrot has refused to talk.

Authorities believe the parrot was trained to spot Police cars.

Meanwhile, the bird is being kept at a zoo in Teresina, a city in northeastern Brazil, report says.

Billionaire businessman dies after penis enlargement surgery

A billionaire businessman, Ehud Laniado, who deals in diamond, has died after he suffered major complications during a penis enlargement operation.

Reports by local media say the 65-year-old was injected in his penis by an unnamed plastic surgeon in Paris, France, earlier this month.

A Belgian newspaper, Gazet van Antwerpen, said he suffered a heart attack afterwards.

The deceased held dual citizenship of Belgium and Israel.

His company, Omega Diamonds, confirmed his death in a message on Facebook.

“It is with great sadness that we confirm that our founder Ehud Arye Laniado has passed away.

“After living an exceptional life Ehud will be brought back home to Israel as his final resting place. He will be dearly missed by us all,” the statement read.

Mr Laniado was reportedly facing claims of tax evasion of about $7 billion.

The total valuation of his wealth is unknown, however, the deceased is said to own the most expensive penthouse in Monaco, worth over $56 million.

He sold the world’s most expensive diamond, the Blue Moon of Josephine, in 2015 to Hong Kong businessman and convicted felon, Joseph Lau Luen Hung, for $68 million.

Man faked being deaf and dumb for 62 years to avoid listening to his wife


A man from Waterbury in Connecticut faces divorce after his wife found out that he was not actually deaf and had been faking it for more than 62 years to avoid having to listen to her.

According to the divorce papers, 84-year old Barry Dawson never spoke a single word in front of his 80-year old wife Dorothy during the decades they lived together.

Ms. Dawson learned the sign language to be able to communicate with her husband but says he was still not really communicative.

“It took me two years to learn to communicate with my hands. As soon as I got good at it, he began having problems with his sight. Now that I think of it, he probably faked that too!”
The couple still raised six children and has thirteen grandchildren, all of whom were also convinced that Mr. Dawson was deaf.

“When he was at home, that jerk always faked being deaf. It wasn’t until I saw a Youtube video of him singing during a karaoke night in a bar while he was supposed to be at a meeting for a charity, that I understood everything.”

Mr. Dawson’s lawyer, Robert Sanchez, admits his client faked being deaf but said he did it “for his wife”, adding “it’s the only way to endure that annoying magpie”.
Mr. Dawson’s lawyer, Robert Sanchez, claims the elderly man’s stratagem was not meant to offend or cheat his spouse, and that it may, in fact, explain why their marriage worked for 62 years.

“My client is pretty quiet and not very talkative, but his wife is annoyingly chatty. If he hadn’t faked being deaf, they would have divorced 60 years ago. In a way, he did for her and for his family.”

Both parties should appear in court for the first time tomorrow, as Dorothy Dawson is demanding financial compensation for her “emotional stress and burden”, as well as half of their belongings and alimony.

Student commits suicide after losing iPhone

A university student, Archie Day, 20, hanged himself in his room just hours after ‘sobbing uncontrollably’ because he had lost his iPhone, during a night of drinking.

Day, 20,  who is a eenk video blogger and journalism student was so upset at the loss of the Apple iPhone after a night out in Manchester, reports Daily Mail.

The day after the drunken night,which happened in October 2018,  Day was found dead by a duty manager at Peel Park halls of residence at Salford University in Greater Manchester.

In a statement read at Bolton Coroner’s Court Archie’s flatmate Kane Markham said broadcast journalism student Mr Day had not shown signs he would take his own life after the night out at ‘Venue’ in Manchester.

He said, “I knew that he suffered from depression, but I didn’t realise how bad it was as he was so outgoing. His Instagram page said ‘Should have died already’ and he was into musicians who rapped about depression – but I think he got comfort from those artists.

“He was a loud and charismatic character and he always seemed to be a bit of a ringleader. That night he had least four drinks of Stella there and was also sipping out of other people’s drinks. He did seem to talk to anyone and at 2:30am he sent a message to our WhatsApp group asking where we were and, as a joke, we said that we went home.

“We booked a taxi and got in to leave and when we got to it, we noticed that Day wasn’t there. I tried to call Day but there was no answer but as we got back, we spoke to another student who was talking about Day and he said that he Day was in his room and he had been mugged. There was a security guard in the room with Archie and was sobbing uncontrollably.”

Mohammed Zafar, a security guard at Peel Park said he could hear Day crying from the other side of the door when he was called up.

The device was later located 220 miles away in Romford, Essex but was never recovered.

Zoo keeper killed while attempting to have sex with alligator

A zoo keeper was killed in the alligator enclosure of the Naples Zoo, while attempting to sexually assault a reptile.

The incident happened on Monday, Jan. 14.

WorldNewsDaily quoted Captain Henri White, spokesman of the Naples Police Department as saying the 24-year-old Jimmy Olsen was engaged in full sexual intercourse with one of the younger reptiles, when he was surprised by one of the larger animals which attacked from behind.

The young man was caught by the throat by the alligator which dragged him underwater and drowned him.

“Jimmy Olsen’s death took place around 6:00 AM this morning (Jan. 14) but his disappearance was noticed only an hour later by other employees.

“They finally discovered his dismembered body floating in the pool of the alligator enclosure around 8:30.

“The images captured by the security cameras show that Mr. Olsen had clearly placed himself in a very vulnerable position,” Captain White told reporters.

“He had his pants around his knees and was lying down on top of one of the animals, with his back to the others. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance! We can see him being dragged into the water, then he disappears from sight. He was probably dead within thirty seconds of the attack,” White said.

WorldNewsDaily reports that this is not the first time for a zoo worker to die while having sex with an animal.

In 2002, three employees of the Columbus zoo were condemned after it was revealed that the zookeepers allowed people into the zoo after business hours for the purpose of fornicating with the animals in exchange for money.

United Airlines fires pilots for engaging in cockpit sex mid-flight

United Airlines has fired two of its pilots after they allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse in midflight while the plane’s internal communication system was on.

Forty nine-year old Jordan McPhee and 38-year old Bayani Ceniza were operating a Boeing 747 carrying 412 passengers from Manilla to Los Angeles when the speakers in the plane’s passenger area started emitting strange noises.

71-year old Betty Garrison who was aboard with her husband, says that both flight attendants and passengers were shocked when the unidentifiable sounds turned into “a gay porn soundtrack”.

At first, we heard strange sounds and thought someone had entered the cockpit and was wrestling the pilots. But then it became clearer and we heard stuff like “fuck me harder Daddy” and other disgusting things.”

According to Ms. Garrison, flight attendants rapidly ran to the cockpit to warn the pilots, but the two ignored them and continued for several minutes before finally answering the door.

“We could clearly hear the poor girls yelling and banging the door and the two men complaining about it while they continued having sex”, she added.

Over 30 passengers filed complaints with United Airlines upon their arrival in Los Angeles and the company decided to act swiftly.

In a brief press conference held in Chicago, the airline has announced that it had launched an investigation on the event and that both Mr. Mcphee and Mr. Ceniza had been fired.

United Airlines executive vice-president James Garreth said the company will investigate the incident thoroughly and do everything it can to prevent such a thing from happening again.

Over 300 incidents of sexual nature involving airplane pilots are reported every year in North America according to the FAA.

A vast majority of these cases involve pilots engaging in sexual intercourse with flight attendants or passengers, and cases involving both pilot and co-pilot are extremely rare.

In 2013, four employees of American Airlines had been fired after engaging in group sex with 17 passengers.

Man kept wife locked in cellar for two years and charged men £4 to rape her

A husband has been dubbed the Polish Fritzl as he was jailed for 25 years for abusing his wife. Mariusz Sz kept her in a dark cellar where she was raped by him, his brothers and other men who he would charge £4 (N2,000).

She was forced to put a bag over her head and he made her eat sandwiches filled with semen.

Pic Shows: House and a cellar where the woman was imprisoned for 2 years, raped and tortured;

Pic Shows: House and a cellar where the woman was imprisoned for 2 years, raped and tortured; A husband has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for imprisoning his wife in a dark cellar where she was raped by him and his brothers as well as being forced to eat sandwiches of semen. The shocking incident took place in the small village of Parszczyce in Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland and the husband, Mariusz Sz., abused his wife between 2006 and 2010, two years of which she was kept locked in their cellar. The victim, who has not been named in reports, was beaten, starved and repeatedly raped by her husband - dubbed the Polish Fritzl in local media - and allegedly by his two brothers and a friend. In the initial sentencing in June 2017, judge Marta Urbanska emphasised that the victim "was imprisoned in a cold, dark cellar, in which she was deprived the possibility of taking care of her personal hygiene and the possibility of dealing with her physiological needs under dignified conditions". Urbanska added: "She was starved, forced to eat meals with her bound hands in a kneeling position. Meals were prepared in a manner that denied her dignity. The woman was forced to eat bread mixed with water and the semen of the accused." Mariusz Sz.???s two brothers Andrzej and Marian Sz. and their friend Tadeusz B. have now been charged with raping the victim whilst she was imprisoned and face a minimum of three years and a maximum of 15 years in prison if found guilty, according to Grazyna Wawryniuk, spokeswoman of the Gdansk prosecutor's office. All three have pleaded not guilty. Reports suggest Mariusz Sz. had "rented" his wife out for 20 PLN (4.20 GBP), putting a bag over her head and letting paying men rape her. It is not known how many men raped the victim in total and police are still investigating. The victim eventually managed to escape the cellar and call her mother as she was fearful for the safety of her two daughters, one of whom, four years old, h

The wife was also starved and made to eat her food on her knees with her hands tied behind her back.

She eventually managed to raise the alarm when she escaped from the cellar and called her mother, fearful for her two young daughters.

When she contacted police, they dismissed her allegations three times before they took action. At an earlier hearing a judge said she was not allowed to wash herself and was beaten by her husband.

Investigations are ongoing in the small northern Polish village of Parszczyce where she was held captive to find out how many other men may have raped her.

A court heard that she was abused over a four-year period, spending two of them locked in their cellar.

His brothers Andrzej and Marian Sz and their friend Tadeusz B have all been charged with rape and face up to 15 years in prison. They deny the charges

Man dies during sex competition in Lagos hotel

Facts have emerged on how a middle aged man, simply known as Davy, died in a popular hotel in Lagos during a sex competition with a lady.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the incident happened at the popular hotel located in Ikotun area of Lagos where the deceased took the lady identified as Loveth for the competitive romp.

It was gathered that the late Davy had argued with Loveth on who among the duo can last longer during a sex romp. Both claimed that they were stronger and refused to admit defeat.

During the argument, Davy staked N50,000 between him and Loveth on the condition that if Loveth will defeat him during the romp, she will take the money.

Loveth agreed knowing fully that such money was staked. She then got prepared, moved into the hotel and booked for a chalet.

It was gathered that while it lasted Davy went through to the sixth round but Loveth was unshaken till the seventh round when Davy collapsed and died on top of her.

She then raised alarm and contacted the hotel management who handed her over to the Ikotun Police Division while the corpse of the deceased was deposited at an undisclosed hospital for autopsy report.

However, Loveth was later transferred to the SCIID Panti Yaba, where she informed the police what transpired between her and late Davy.

It was gathered that the fate of Loveth will depend on the outcome of the autopsy report. From the report, it will be determined if she is culpable and may be charged to court.

Why I killed, slept with my mother’s corpse

An-18 year old boy, Samuel Akpobome Emobor, has confessed that he killed his mother and slept with her corpse for the purpose of money ritual.

Samuel who hails from Oghara in Delta State committed the act at their rented apartment in Ologbo community in Ikpoba-Okha local government area.

Speaking to newsmen when he was paraded at the Edo State Police Command, Samuel said he was pushed to commit the act by a ritualist who sells drugs in the community.

According to him, “I wanted to use my mother for ritual. I am 18 years old. My father is dead. It was one man called One Love that told me to use my mother for money ritual. He promised to give me N50,000 if I killed my mother and sleep with her. He said I should cut my mother’s ear and fingers and bring them to him.

“I wanted to cut the ears and fingers before the people came in. I slept with my mother only once. I pressed my mother’s neck to kill her while she was sleeping. The One Love sells drugs. He put something inside the drink he gave and he told me to go and kill my mother.

“The day I went to his house with policemen, the man has ran away. I hail from Oghara. I work in a pure water factory.

“I now feel very bad because I was beaten badly by people. I did what the ritualist told me.”

Police Commissioner, Babatunde Kokumo, said the suspect would soon be charged to court.

Canada struggling to meet demands for cannabis — weeks after legalising it

Most stores in Canada  are struggling to meet the demand for cannabis, two weeks after the Canadian government approved of it for recreational use.

Both physical and digital stores have reportedly not been able to meet the demand in many parts of the country.

“There is not enough legal marijuana to supply all of recreational demand in Canada,” the Guardian quoted Rosalie Wyonch, a policy analyst with the CD Howe Institute.

“The shortages are happening faster than I would have expected, but our research suggested quite strongly that there would be shortages in the first year of legalization.”

The shortage is traced to a mix of regulatory frameworks, retail chain distribution and logistical kinks – including rolling postal strikes across the country.

Most residents are made to get the products through a government-run website, and in the first day of legalisation, the Ontario cannabis store had processed 100,000 orders and had only been able to supply a few.

“The most frustrating part to me is that the government forced a monopoly on both the supply and delivery on cannabis products, then failed to deliver,” Curtis Baller, a university student, told the Guardian.

Over a thousand complaints had been made over the demand and supply since October 17, 2018 when it got legalised.

Wyonch, however, said the government is still licensing producers, and existing producers are expanding facilities.

“It takes a certain amount of time to grow, process and package, ship and get tested,” she said.

She added that it took Colorado three years to meet up with demand when it legalised recreational cannabis, noting that Canada should expect similar experiences.

If the shortage persists, there is fear that this might push many off the legal market, encouraging the black market.

“Now that we can’t supply them, they’re still going to find it,” Trevor Tobin, a retailer said. “There’s no shortage of weed in Labrador City. Just the legal stuff.”

In August, Omoyele Sowore, a presidential candidate in Nigeria, had promised to make the country a major exporter of the product if elected into office.

Makurdi varsity professor commits suicide

Prof. Frank Onyezili, a senior lecturer with the Biological Sciences Department of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State has committed suicide.

The deceased was found dead on Tuesday, October 23.
Mrs. Roseline Waku, the Director of Protocol and Information of the university, who confirmed the incident, said she was not aware why Onyezili killed himself.

“The only thing I can confirm is that the professor killed himself; I don’t know why he did it,” she said.
Waku hinted of reports that the deceased left a suicide note, but said that she was not privy to its contents.

A top official of the university said that the the professor drank some substance suspected to be poison, after leaving a suicide note.

The source, which craved anonymity, said that the university don’s action might not be unconnected with depression and loneliness that had been his lot since his wife and children relocated to a foreign country.

“I am not sure why he killed himself, but he was always complaining of loneliness; his wife and children live abroad and have not been in touch with him. He might have opted to end his frustration by killing himself,” the source said.
Contacted, Mr Moses Yamu, spokesman of the Police Command in Benue, said that he had not been briefed on the matter.

“I am yet to get details of the incident. That is all I can say for now,” he said.

I get more attention from my gay partner than his wife — Bobrisky

Nigerian cross-dresser and bleaching cream merchant, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, has explained howhe enjoys more attention from his gay partner than his partner’s legally married wife.

Explaining how he has been able to steal attention from his partner’s wife, the controversial but much celebrated cosmetic entrepreneur, said whenever it is his turn to cook for him, he goes all out to make sure he cooks delicious meals his housewife never cooks for him at home.

“I left to Makoko market this morning to buy fresh fish to cook for my bae. He is coming back to Nigeria today. And moreover, it is my turn to cook for him this week. Anyway, I’m getting more attention lately than his first wife. The power of slaying”, he wrote on his Instagram page.

He added that for peace to reign, his partner acquired an apartment for him in one of the choice locations in Lekki, Lagos.

“Second wife like us na house for Lekki dey rush us because the man don’t want trouble so he has to buy you your own house”, he wrote. He advised second wives to device strategic means of getting whatever they want out of their husbands.

“Are you a second wife, you better use slay to kill him”, he concluded.

Male pastor, seven women arrested for praying naked

A group of worshipers, all said to be women, have been arrested by police in an unregistered church during what was said to be called a prayer session.
According to sources, the arrest took place at a private owned apartment in Rukiga, northern Uganda.
Aside from the pastor, all the worshipers who were women, were naked during the worship hours.
The apartment was said to have belonged to the pastor, Adah Kahababo, who led the full gospel ministration.
The police were tipped off by the husbands of these women who were angry that for almost a week their wives have been praying with Kahabab.
The District Commissioner, Emmy Ngabirano was surprised and wanted to know why those women have to be naked before they could pray with ‘Adah Kahababo’.
He said: “We respect the freedom of worship but people must follow the existing laws of operating a church and one of the requirements is to have it registered.
The arrested people were holding an illegal assembly in someone’s house, which they claimed to be their church where they have been praying while naked.
As the security team, we shall not allow such unlawful activities as they may lead to a cult like that of Joseph Kibwetere where hundreds of people were burnt to death in a church in Kanungu District in March 2000”.

Lawmaker loses $753,456, car, land in money-doubling scam

An unidentified Kenyan lawmaker has been revealed as one of the victims of a money-doubling scam, that was busted by police on Monday.

According to Musa Yego, the head of the police team that arrested the money-doubling syndicate, the Member of Parliament was among eight Kenyans, who were duped hundreds of millions.

The money-doubling syndicate was made up of two Mali nationals and one Kenyan. They were arrested with over one billion Kenyan Shillings ($754,167,000) fake currency on Monday.

The Member of Parliament is reported to have lost KSh 76 million ($753,456), a car and a parcel of land.

Sources privy to the investigations said the shocked MP told detectives that he still went ahead to sell a portion of his land in Karen and a vehicle even after losing the KSh 76 million. He claimed that he was bewitched into participating in the scam.

The three fraudsters reportedly convinced their victims to bring their money to the Brookside Drive apartment, where they were arrested in Nairobi for multiplication using supernatural powers.

They allegedly took the money from their victims and substituted it with fake currency.

US-based Nigerian parents arrested after son dies during fasting

Kehinde Omosebi and Titilayo, his wife, have been arrested by the Reedsburg police department in Wisconsin, US, following the death of their 15-year old son.

Ayanfe, their teenage son, was found dead in the family house and another child, an 11-year old was hospitalised following what the father described as a week-long religious fast.

According to Wisconsin State Journal, the 49-year old father had voluntarily gone to the Reedsburg police station on Sunday to report his son’s death.

Timothy Becker, Reedsburg police chief, said Ayanfe was found dead when officers arrived at the family’s residence.

The 11-year-old boy found at the family residence along with 48-year old Titilayo, the mother of the deceased, was also found to be “extremely emaciated.”

Becker said the father told police he was a minister affiliated with Cornerstone Reformation Ministries.

He said the family had started a religious fast on July 19 and the teenage boy died on August 31, exactly 44 days later.

Sonny Hyde, pastor of the Cornerstone Ministry Baptist Church in Reedsburg, said the family was not affiliated with his church, and he has not heard of Cornerstone Reformation Ministries in the community.

The 11-year old boy and his mother were taken to a hospital in the community but the mother refused treatment, citing religious reasons, and was taken to the Sauk County Jail.

Police said the parents would be remanded in custody on “possible charges of neglecting a child causing death and neglecting a child causing great bodily harm,” until they appear in the Sauk County Circuit Court.

The 11-year-old is said to be in protective custody receiving care at the Children’s Hospital in Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin.

The Reedsburg police chief said the parents are now eating while jailed in Baraboo, a city in Sauk County, Wisconsin.