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Man, 29, rapes 85-year-old woman to coma in Osun

A 29-year-old man, Kehinde Ariyo, has been arrested by the Osun Police Command for allegedly raping an 85-year-old woman to coma at Ilesa town in the state.

The police commissioner in the state, Mr Fimihan Adeoye, disclosed this to newsmen on Monday in Osogbo.

Adeoye said the incident happened at Ogudu area in Ilesa, where the suspect forcefully had carnal knowledge of the old woman after gaining access to her residence around 11 pm on Oct. 27.

He added that the woman sustained various degrees of injuries on her body, including her private organ, and eventually passed out in the process before she was resuscitated at a private hospital.

According to Adeoye, the suspect lives in the same area where the victim resides and had gone on errands for the old woman several times in the past.

“The woman passed out during the rape, but came back to life after some hours, the suspect was arrested the next day.

“This is the height of wickedness in our society. The boy injured the woman in the process, but she has been treated “, Adeoye said.

The suspect admitted having committed the act, claiming to have been drunk at the time of committing the heinous act.

“Mama asked me to sleep on a couch in the passage. I was already drunk and did not know what happened afterwards,” he claimed.


I killed my uncle while he was trying to rape me – Murder suspect


A 22- year -old lady identified as Tina Rebecca Sunday, is being held by the police in Enugu for killing her uncle , one Friday Mathew .

The incident occurred in the Independence Layout area of Enugu on October 26.

It was gathered that the lady, a native of Ikot Udobang Ukanafon in Akwa Ibom State, lived with the now deceased uncle in Ezilo Street , Independence Layout, Enugu .

It was further gathered that Tina was arrested by police in Enugu while attempting to escape after committing the crime.

But in her confessional statement, the suspect described the killing as accidental .

Tina disclosed that she killed Mathew, 48 while struggling to escape his attempt to have force himself on her.

She said her uncle has been trying to sleep with her for a very long time.

Rebecca said she has been resisting Mathew’s amorous advances but the uncle never gave up until the matter took a tragic turn around 8 :30 pm on October 26.

According to Tina’s account , on that fateful night , she had sent her uncle’s 10-year-old son on an errand and was lying down in the room waiting for the boy to return when Mathew thinking she was asleep, snuck up to her bed and tried to force himself on her .

Tina said she gave Mathew a kick on his genitals in a bid to stop him from raping her.

She added that Mathew got enraged and both of them struggled as he moved to have his way.

The girl then got hold of a stone with which she hit her uncle on the head and he fell down and died.

“Really, it was not my intention to kill him as I never intended to do so although he has been disturbing me sexually”, Tina said .

Police Public Relations Officer , Enugu State Police Command, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, who confirmed the development , said minutes later , Mathew ’ s son , Thank- God , returned from the errand , only to meet his father ’ s lifeless body.

Amaraizu explained that Tina allegedly told the boy to keep quiet to avoid attracting attention.

She was said to have promised the boy that she will take adequate care of him, after which she locked up the house and took Thank- God to the home of a relative.

After dropping the boy with the said relative, Tina ran away.

Amaraizu added that the 22-year – old lady was apprehended before she could leave Enugu.

“When the child of the deceased came back and met the lifeless body of his father, he was allegedly warned by the suspect not to shout in order not to attract attention which would lead to her arrest.

“ She ( Tina ) promised the young boy that she would take care of him , then she immediately locked up the house and went away with the boy and dropped him at one of their aunt ’ s place and disappeared .

“When operatives of the New Haven Division of the Enugu State Command got the report , they swung into action swiftly and were able to arrest the escaping Tina Rebecca Sunday who is now helping the operatives in their investigations, ” Amaraizu said.

According to him, “the suspect is now regretting her action and begging for forgiveness as she never intended to kill the uncle.”

Nigerian buys S’African man G-Wagon to apologise for impregnating wife

A Nigerian man based in South Africa says he does not regret buying a luxury Mercedes-Benz G-class to a South African man as a token to apologise for impregnating his wife.

“I know what I did is wrong but I feel better he has accepted my gift. He accepted that his wife, my girlfriend, is pregnant and will soon give birth to my son. He was angry at first but when I presented the car to him his anger vanished,” said the man who identified herself as John.

One source close to the family of the woman who fell pregnant says she knew about the affair but never thought it would lead to a pregnancy. She says she is disappointed the husband accepted the Mercedes-Benz from the Nigerian national.

“Nigerian men will never take our men seriously. What kind of a man accepts a gift from a man who impregnated his wife? He will impregnate her again and buy the stupid husband another car. I am so disappointed,” she said.

When approached for a comment the husband said “it is wrong to say I am stupid. The point of the matter is we cannot reverse what happened. We sat down as men and sorted the issue. The Bible says we must forgive and forget. I have always dreamed of driving a G-wagon. Christmas came early for me and my family,” said the husband who didn’t want to be named.

“The baby will be born and I’ll take care of him as my own. If the father wants to take him to Nigeria I wouldn’t mind. I will give my wife the support she needs always. That is what marriage is all about. I love my wife and will not leave her because of a mere pregnancy,” he added.

My father in-law shares  bed with me and my husband – Wife tells divorce court


A 22-year-old housewife, Rashidat Adewuyi, told an Idi-Ogungun Customary Court in Ibadan on Friday that her father-in-law slept on the same bed with her and her husband whenever he visited them.

Rashidat made the statement on Friday when she testified in a divorce petition filed by her husband, Lukman Adewuyi.

She said her marriage of two years with Lukman had been characterised by agony and regrets due to interference by her father-in-law, who never allowed her to have free access to her husband.

According to Rashidat, her husband always takes permission from his father on every issue between her and her husband.

“Even he seeks his father’s permission before intercourse and my father-in-law always sleeps on the same bed with me and my husband whenever he visits.

“I used to dress or change my pants in the bathroom because my father-in-law would not leave our one-room apartment whenever I wanted to dress up,” she said.

Rashidat further said that her father-in-law instigated her husband to file the petition so as to have total control over him.

She urged the court to grant the prayer of the petitioner but that she be given responsibility to maintain the only child of the relationship.

Earlier, Lukman had pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage on the ground that the respondent wanted to stab him to death.

He said his wife was in the habit of cursing him and threatening to kill him whenever they had a quarrel.

“There was a particular night that she brought out a knife and wanted to stab me because another woman called my cell phone number.

“It took the intervention of my landlord before she agreed not to stab me and such incident made me file a divorce suit,” Adewuyi said.

The President of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun, and the court assessors, Aare Samotu and Ganiyu Alao, made efforts to prevail on the couple to resolve the matter amicably but failed.

The court thereafter ordered the dissolution of the marriage as the parties wished.

Balogun also ordered the plaintiff to pay N3,500 as monthly feeding allowance for the only child of the union and warned the parties to maintain the peace and stay away from each other.


Man batters married lover for refusing to pay up after sex romp


The police at Ire Akari Division in Isolo, Lagos State have arrested a man identified as Olu who allegedly battered a married lover(name withheld) for refusing to pay him N20,000 for rounds of sex he had with her.

The incident happened at Ire Akari Estate in Isolo, Lagos where both the woman and her lover reside.

It was gathered that the embattled Olu engaged the madam in a romp for an agreed fee to satisfy her sexual desire because her husband had travelled abroad for greener pastures though he was sending money home periodically.

But trouble started when Olu was said to have engaged the woman in a romp and reportedly satisfied her wanted to collect the money she promised him.

When Olu demanded for the money they had agreed on, but said she will pay him the following day which did not go down with him. During an ensuing argument Olu reportedly attacked the woman injuring her on the face.

The matter was reported to the Police at Ire Akari Division and Olu was arrested and detained.

During interrogation, Olu told the police what transpired between them. He said he was angry because he had exhausted himself in order to satisfy her both at home and in her office but yet she refused to pay him as they had agreed.

The woman also reportedly admitted that she was sleeping with Olu and was paying him for his services but was surprised when he attacked her and injured her seriously.

It was gathered that the DPO insisted that despite the fact that they were lovers, Olu had committed a criminal offence and was culpable.

When our correspondent visited the police station, the DPO was not around for comments on the matter.

However, there were indications that Olu may be charged to court for assault if the parties refused to settle at the station.

Man tries to kill spider with blowtorch, accidentally burns house down


A man who only wanted to get rid of unwanted pests has managed to burn down his home with a blowtorch.

Officials in Tucson, Arizona, say that they responded to reports of smoke and flames coming from a mobile home in the Arizona city where a man had been using a blowtorch to remove spiderwebs from underneath his mobile home.

The fire department said that they had arrived to discover that an elderly woman had been removed from the blaze by her son and some neighbours. She had sustained minor injuries while being carried out, but she was not reportedly injured severely by the fires.

All told, it took eleven minutes for the 23 fire fighters who responded to put out the blaze in the mobile home.

There were no other injuries reported aside from those of the elderly woman who was carried out.

The total sustained damage to the mobile home from the fire, which is still being investigated by officials, is yet to be determined by investigators.

The Red Cross has stepped up to help out two residents who have been displaced by the fire.


US oldest jewel thief ‘retires’ from crime at 87


An 87-year-old woman – once dubbed America’s most successful jewel thief – has vowed to give up a seven-decade life of crime after being busted for stealing from a local Walmart.

Doris Payne, who is reputed to have stolen more than $2m during a career that reached from Slab Fork, West Virginia, to Monte Carlo and even Tokyo, claimed her life of light-fingered larceny was over after being charged with the theft of $86.22 worth of electronics and groceries.

“Don’t come back, Ms Payne,” Chamblee Municipal Court Judge Angela Duncan told Ms Payne, according to US media.

Payne, who pleaded guilty to a charge of shoplifting responded: “I won’t.”

The hearing on Monday in Georgia marked the latest twist in a life of crime that began more than 70 years ago in a dirt poor upbringing in West Virginia.

A 2013 documentary about her life, The Life & Crimes of Doris Payne, made by Kirk Marcolina and Matthew Pond, suggests that her first thefts were performed in order to help her mother, who was Native American and was abused by her father, who was African American. She told one interviewer she sold the items from one of those first thefts to allow her mother leave her unhappy marriage.

“I don’t have any regrets about stealing jewellery. I regret getting caught,” she says in the film. A movie of her life, in which she was to be played by Halle Berry, was talked of but apparently progressed no further.

Payne, who had been under house arrest at the time she carried out the shoplifting in Walmart and was even wearing an ankle monitor, reputedly never utilised anything more than sleight of hand, a smart handbag and a designer outfit to carry out her crimes. No one was ever hurt. Her rap sheet – or criminal record – is said to stretch to 20 pages in the US alone.

Payne was detained by Milwaukee police in 1965 

Her previous crime had been the attempted theft of a $2,000 necklace from the Von Maur store in Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall last year. Officials said over the years she had used up to 20 aliases and multiple Social Security numbers.

Ms Payne did not respond to a request for comment. However, Marissa Goldberg, Payne’s lawyer told The Independent that her client’s guilty plea had cleared the charges against her. “She is now free to get on with her life and that is what she wants to do,” she said.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in the early years of her life of crime, Payne, who was born in October 1930 and was the youngest of six children, made use of Town and Country magazine to help her identify jewellery that was valuable and worth of her attention.

One of Payne’s most celebrated thefts took place in the 1970s when she stole a 10-carat diamond ring valued at more than $500,000 from the Cartier store in Monte Carlo. She had reportedly been inspired to carry out the theft after seeing To Catch a Thief, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 romantic comedy starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.

She was caught and held but avoided charges.

Mother prostitutes 14-year-old daughter

A 30-year-old woman in Malaysia had been arrested for allegedly forcing her teenage daughter into prostitution, local media reported on Monday.

The mother, who resides in Sarawak state, was “trying to pay off her debts” by forcing her 14-year-old daughter to have sex with a man, the Star Online reported.

“The mother forced her 14-year-old daughter to have sex with a man in order to pay off debts,” Police Chief, Dev Kumar, told The Star Online,

He added that the girl was raped three times in a hotel.

Kumar said the man paid more than 200 dollars to the karaoke bar owner to have sex with the girl, according to the Star.

A village official assisted the girl to report the matter to the police on Sunday and the mother and the karaoke owner were arrested.

“We are now looking for the man, who allegedly had sex with the girl.

“The case has been classified as rape,” Kumar added.


Woman who wants to marry her son’s friend sent to prison


A female teacher with the Gombe Local Education Authority has been remanded in prison custody over her planned marriage to the friend of her first son.

Hussaina Abba, who teaches Arabic at a primary school in Gombe, earlier sued her late husband’s siblings and her children before a court for opposing her planned marriage.

She told the area court sitting at Idi Quarters that her late husband’s younger siblings – Aliyu Mohammed and Abdullahi Bello – were opposed to her planned marriage simply because the groom is a friend and classmate of her first son.

Hussaina told the court that the duo refused to take custody of six out of the 11 children left behind by their late elder brother to allow her to marry the man.

She said since the death of her husband years ago, she did not receive any marriage proposal until the arrival of the man, who she later learned was a friend to her first son.

She said she agreed to the young man’s marriage proposal because of the love and genuine care he had shown to her.

However, the plaintiffs told the court that she refused their earlier offer to take custody of the children, but only changed her position now that she wants to re-marry a man that is an age mate and friend of her son.

They also told the court that they objected to the marriage because the man is of questionable character.

Also, her eldest son, Mohammed Bello Adamu, who represented his siblings at the court, opposed the planned marriage between his mother and his friend.

He said there was a time the same man threatened to kill the younger sister of his mother’s friend for refusing to sleep with him.

He added that the man must have cast a spell on his mother, hence her strange behaviour and being adamant to marry him despite opposition from various quarters.


On her part, the Hussaina said she had already collected N15,000 as part payment of the dowry from the suitor, Abdussalam Abdulkadir.

“Since this marriage is not against any law, I love him and want to marry him because he is the only man that proposed to marry me since the death of my husband years ago. Therefore I will not shelve my planned marriage because of objection from my children or anyone else,” she told the court.

When asked by the court if the allegations against him were true, Abdulkadir answered in the affirmative. He however said that he still loves the mother of his onetime classmate and is ready to marry her.

The presiding judge, Malam Saleh Jibrin, ordered that both Hussaina and Abdulkadir be remanded in prison custody in order to dispel the alleged charm. He adjourned the matter to September 26 for continuation of hearing.


Teenager caught having sex with goat in Niger


A 15 year old teenager, Kabiru Idi has been arrested by the Niger state Police Command for having sex with a goat.

Idi who lives in Gbeganu area of Bosso Local Government Area of the state was caught having sex with the goat which is said to be one of the animals that roam the neighborhood.

Suspecting neighbours reported Idi to a the police operatives attached to Kpakungu Division in Minna who following a tip-off got to Idi’s residence to catch him in the act.

Neighbours who spoke after the arrest said that this is the second time the suspect has committed the same offence in the area as they stated that they are getting wary of the acts of the teenager expressing fear over his preferences.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Babalola Adewole who confirmed the incident applauded the operatives attached to Kpakungu police Division on patrol for apprehending the suspect adding that the suspect would be charged to court on conclusion of investigations.

He urged members of the public to always report any suspicious person to the nearest police station in their areas to help police to carry out its duties in a dignified manner.