#EndSARS: Lesbians stopped from displaying their flag at protest venue

Lesbians were stopped from displaying their flag at the #EndSARS protest in Abuja on Wednesday.

This led to one of them, who operate worldwide as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, angrily leaving the venue.

However, our correspondent observed some of the lesbians participated in the protested held at the National Assembly on Thursday, but they did not display their flag at the protest venue.

On Wednesday, one of the Lesbians, Amara, who angrily left the venue of the protest because the #EndSARS protesters prevented her from flying her flag, expressed dissatisfaction with the decision.

Amara through her Twitter handle said: β€œA lady brought a 🌈 rainbow flag and our fellow
protesters turned on us at Berger Roundabout Abuja.

β€œThey tore our placards and seized the flag. I got it back but they refused that we fly it.

β€œI wore it on my neck and they refused. Said we either take it off or leave.

β€œI’m leaving.”

See video below:

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