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Governors shouldn’t earn same salary, says Masari


Governor Aminu Masari of Katsina State has said that state governors should not be earning the same salary.

The governor says this is because while some states have the financial capacity to pay big, those with smaller income cannot afford to compete paying big salaries.

He spoke in an interview in Katsina.


Drawing a comparison between his state and Lagos State, Masari, a former House of Representatives Speaker said: “I, as a governor, I should not be earning the same thing as the governor of Lagos because his revenue base is different from mine.

“The revenue base in Kano is higher than mine. These are the areas we really need to look at and address.”

The governor expressed support for devolution of power to the states but claimed he does not understand what restructuring, as being advocated by some Nigerians, means.

He said: “I believe strongly in devolution not to the extent of weakening the central government because here, we need the central government so that it can carry the nation forward to a greater height, because a weak central government can bring the nation down.

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“But at the same time, I do not see the rationale of the federal government concerning itself with primary and secondary education. These are the responsibilities of local governments and states.

“I do not see the business of the federal government in constructing boreholes, primary healthcare centres, fixing the salaries for my councillors here, fixing the same salary with Lagos.

“I believe in devolution, my friend, but restructuring, I don’t know what it means.”

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