How government pays them to kill us, Nigeria a falling nation

“We have technically defeated Boko Haram”, “They are now targeting soft targets” are the words of our modern day Professor of lies, Lai Mohammed. “Thank God they are no more bombing but cutting people’s head”, the words of Femi Adesina, both men are media aides to President Buhari’s government.

It is very unfortunate that Nigerian Democracy is such that will not allow the president know anything except that which he is being told by aides. While Nigeria has been very unlucky with presidential aides, that of President Muhammadu Buhari seems to be the worst in the history of this country.

President Muhammdu Buhari having been told by Lai Muhammed that Nigerian Security forces have technically defeated Boko Haram, had and has repeatedly told the world same without actually knowing what is going on in Nigeria. President Buhari knowingly or unknowingly have been deceiving himself and the world, except, Nigerians who knows that the security situation under his government has become unbearable. While we were talking about insecurity in the North East before Buhari became president in 2015, today, almost all the major highways in North, South, East and West are impassable. You either prepare money to keep for ramsome, or prepare your will and keep before passing some roads in Nigeria today because you either get killed or kidnapped by Boko Haram, Bandits, or the real kidnappers.

The disturbing fact is that while these killings are going on, from Pastor Andimi, the Michika CAN President to the Seminarians and even to the about 30 persons killed in Borno State which is almost the same time, Buhari aides and commanders have refused to tell Buhari the true position of things in Nigeria. Rather, they have continued to advise Buhari to release the killers of the people of this country and also use our money to pay them while they go back to kill us in the name of rehabilitating repentant terrorists. It is only in Nigeria that we hear that terrorists repents while government pays them. Evidence abound where this so called repentant terrorists have gone back to lead attacks against Nigerians.

Who will help us bypass these greedy presidential aides and get to President Buhari to tell him that his government is paying terrorists to kill Nigerians? Who will help us tell Buhari that his style of leadership is crippling all the pillars holding Nigeria? Who will tell Buhari that Nigeria is falling? Who will tell Buhari that insecurity under his government is unprecedented in the history of this nation? Please, someone should tell Buhari that posterity will not be kind to him if he allows nepotism to destroy Nigeria.

President Buhari, you just told the world that you are concern with insecurity in Libya, Sir, is Nigeria today not worse than Libya? How can you be concern about Libya when your own inlaw spent more than a month as captive in the hands of kidnappers? How can you be concern about Libya when the life of an average North Easterner in Nigeria is not worth more than the life of a chicken, they can be killed anytime? How can you be concern about Libya when people can no longer pass through Kaduna/Abuja highway? How can you be concern about Libya when we can no longer pass through Benin/Ore highway?

President Muhammadu Buhari, when you came in, in 2015, you started blaming PDP for everything and we told you to do something instead of blaming PDP and you and your followers called us waillers and some even said we hate you. Sir, you blamed PDP for the past 5 years, are you still going to blame them until 8 years without doing anything? You cannot be releasing , rehabilitating and paying those that will kill Nigerians, blood has flown so much under your watch, DO SOMETHING NOW 

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