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IGP dating policewomen he gave special promotion, Misau alleges



Senator representing Bauchi central, Isah Misau, says Ibrahim Idris, Inspector-General O#of Police (IGP), is having affairs with two policewomen whom he has given special promotion.

Misau said this on the floor of the senate on Wednesday while drawing the attention of the lawmakers to the disagreement he is having with Idris.

The police had declared the senator a deserter after he had earlier alleged that the IGP collects money for the posting of police officers.


The Bauchi senator had also accused IGP of receiving money from oil companies where police officers were sent to provide security.

But in fresh allegations, the senator said Idris married one Esther, a deputy superintendent of police (DSP), an act which he says which contravenes the police act.

The senator said Idris married Esther because she was “four months pregnant” for him.

“The IG is openly having two relationships with police women which he gave special promotion. One of them is Amina and one of them is DSP Esther which the IG on 15th of last month got married to that woman DSP. Under police act and regulation you cannot marry as serving woman police unless that woman retire,” Misau said.

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“He quickly did a secret wedding in Kaduna because the lady is four months pregnant. I am saying this because of the institution – that institution I am supposed to be a stakeholder in that institution. It is the institution that brought me here which I’m proud of.”

While stating that Idris was not capable of leading the police, the senator said the capture of Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, a kidnapper better known as Evans, was not an achievement of the IGP.

“Sometimes I laugh when I see the IG celebrating that he has arrested Evans, Evans was operating in Lagos openly until when he kidnapped somebody who jumped into somebody’s house and went to report,” Misau said.

“This is an achievement of IG? This cannot be an achievement of the IG. Even an ordinary person can do that.”

He also said the special promotions given by the Idris to “his own boys” had demoralised the police officers who aspired to rise in the police cadre before retiring.

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“There are serving police officers who now demoralised because of the activities of the office of the IGP. Mr President, even when it comes to appointment, the IG decided to have his own boys who are just assistant commissioner of police, he will give them special promotion – he will give them deputy commissioner of police he won’t spend three months or six months he will just give them acting commissioners of police,” he said.

“The reason they created special promotion, I know it, I was once an ADC just as to get favours from governors or presidents so if they are there they can pave way for them.”

Bukola Saraki, president of the senate, said an ad hoc committee would be set up to probe the allegations.

As at time of filing this report, Jimoh Moshood, spokesman of the police, is yet to respond to the allegations made by Misau.

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