LADOL makes Nigeria West Africa’s Heavy Lift Hub…Performs 320-ton heavy lift with Quayside MTC Crane


The LADOL Free Zone has set another ground-breaking record as LADOL and Mammoet performed the first heavy lift project in West Africa, using the MTC 15 shore crane, which is the largest of its kind in the world.

The heavy lift project involved the offloading and launching of a multi-Cat 320-ton vessel into the water using the MTC crane. The successful deployment of this crane opens up a new era for heavy lift operations in West Africa.

Using the MTC crane, installed at LADOL’s quayside, means that a major impediment to 100per cent local vessel fabrication and other large industrial projects taking place in Nigeria has been eliminated. Many seaports across the world, from Europe to America lack the heavy lift capabilities now installed in Nigeria. This automatically makes Nigeria the heavy lift hub for West Africa. This giant step forward in maritime and industrial capabilities also comes with a 40 per cent- 50per cent cost saving.


MTC -15 is the biggest installed shore crane of its kind in West Africa and has transformed LADOL quayside into a heavy lift terminal.

LADOL and Mammoet had in 2020 signed a strategic partnership, aimed at expanding LADOL’s capacity for project cargo handling and logistics for industrial sectors in West Africa. It enables LADOL to utilise Mammoet’s crane fleet, project cargo handling and heavy lifting expertise along with project management services to provide clients with more comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

Managing Director of LADOL, Dr. Amy Jadesimi, while commenting on the successful and historic heavy lift project said: “I’d like to thank all the stakeholders involved in enabling us to reach this momentous milestone and I’d like to thank the staffers and management that worked 24 / 7 on this project and ensured that it was done safely and expeditiously at LADOL”.

The LADOL SHEQ Manager Mr. Michael Onobiokor, who also commented on the project said: “We want to appreciate everyone for the exemplary safety leadership that was demonstrated during this critical lift. The full cooperation and compliance of all those involved demonstrated the truth and commitment we all have to put safety first.”

LADOL’s Executive Director, Business Development, Jide Jadesimi said: “On the 7th of September 2021, the air was full of excitement and anticipation, history was being made with the first ever heavy lift of its kind by a terminal in Lagos Harbour. The Mammoet MTC- 15 heavy lift crane, hoisted the 320-ton boat into the air, from the deck of the cargo vessel which was berthed at the LADOL quayside. This high-tech lift was carried out by all stakeholders involved in perfect unison.

“The decades of experience, hours of practice, unrelenting hard work and constant flow of communication between all those involved, meant that the project worked like clockwork. We’d like to thank the Nigerian Ports Authority whose marine division supported the project, including the timely and skilled deployment of the NPA tugboats, which were instrumental in accurately manoeuvring the large cargo vessel as the heavy lift took place. We look forward to supporting a range of local and regional projects in the near future.”

Olivier Dirkzwager, Sales Manager Mammoet West Africa, said: “LADOL’s infrastructure combined with the MTC 15 crane – a unique piece of heavy lifting equipment, unlocks the smarter routes for heavy cargo in Nigeria. The successful delivery and the discharge of the multicat is a testament to that and is the first of many more successful projects”.

LADOL is building the world’s first Sustainable Industrial Special Economic Zone SSEZ. LADOL is using the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals SDGs to build a unique circular ecosystem, servicing a range of industries.

The Zone was developed out of a disused swamp and has been operational since 2006. Every year since then the infrastructure and facilities have grown and expanded. The Zone now provides a 24/7 efficient, safe and secure location from which local and international companies, in a range of sectors, can start operating immediately. In 2017 LADOL disrupted the local oil and gas market, halving the costs of local support, and creating thousands of local jobs.

LADOL is now focused on attracting and servicing a range of non-oil and gas companies, in sectors ranging from technology to agriculture. The sectors identified will work together to create a circular economy within the Zone. West Africa is one of the largest under-served markets in the world with the fastest growing population. Industrial companies working in LADOL can service this market sustainably and profitably, while creating tens of thousands of jobs.

As the local market grows there will be higher demand for locally produced products, a larger skilled workforce and cheaper domestic operating costs. LADOL is becoming a blueprint for the Sustainable Industrialisation of Africa, turning Africa’s demographic dividend into a global wealth creation.


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