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Nigerian pastor arrested in Sierra Leone for preaching against Islam



Nigerian-born Evangelist, Pastor Victor Ajisafe has been arrested by the Sierra Leone Police for allegedly using hate speech.

The famous preacher, founder and President of the Sanctuary Praise Church was arrested after he blasted prominent Islamic scholar and Grand Mufti of Zimbabwe, Mufti Ismail Menk over alleged claims that Sierra Leone is an Islamic state.

Ajisafe described Mufti as “a liar and an angel of Darkness who have come to deceive Sierra Leoneans”. He further added that Islam as a “religion of terrorism”.


Menk was in Freetown on a two-days visit on from 21 -23 September on the invitation of the Foundation of Islamic Information Sierra Leone (FOISIL) and held an inspirational lecture at the jam-packed National Stadium on Friday and at the Freetown Central Mosque at Rokupa.

However, Pastor Ajisafe said that themufti’s preaching about Jesus is not true. He also added Sierra Leone does not have a trace of Islam.

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“You have idol worshiping and Christianity, those are the two religions here.”, Ajisafe said. He further alleged that Ex-Sierra Leonean President, Alhaji Tejan Kabbah sold outhis country to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The audio and video of Ajisafe’s preaching is currently trending across WhatsApp and other social media platforms in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, mixed reactions have trailed the speech of the famous evangelist. While many described it as an hate speech, others have supported him claim that Imam’s and other Islamic leaders are also known to use hate speeche against Christians in the country.

Some sects have called for his deportation back to Nigeria while others have threatened to burn down his churches across Sierra Leone.

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