On Amotekun and Tinubu, by Ayo Olesin

On Amotekun and Tinubu:

It’s understandable that many Yoruba feel Tinubu sat on the fence in his statement…but what really did we expect? That he spits fire and blood…naa…that’s a trap he avoided. Tinubu is no Awolowo…but having gained experience in dealing with the Northerners…even if some Yoruba have condemned him as an Afonja…the fact remains that one has to take caution in killing an ant attached to the scrotum.

My only take away really is the mention of Federalism with Amotekun as a possible first step…APC promised that but his partners up North binned that till now. He pointed to another opportunity to “adjust ourselves” before 2023…

The grave error is for other nationalities…who have felt unserved by the current Federalism…to now sit back and watch Telemundo and say it’s Yoruba’s turn to fight alone despite June 12.

I think we have now, a momentum for real change…

Personally…I think that Nigeria can fare excellently well..if we focus more on baking..rather that sharing the cake..

Let’s just sit and talk…all of us..



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