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Peter Okoye’s new US deal may mean end of Psquare


Psquare’s parting of the ways has become a recurring story in the last two years.

The group comprising of Peter and Paul (and Jude on the fringes) is yet again in the throes of a break-up — but this time, there’s little to suggest that it may not lead to the end of Nigeria’s most successful group.

During their previous disagreements, no member of the group ever went as far as penning a solo deal with another record label.


Peter has made such a move, and to many, it’s an indication that there’s little hope for Psquare.

Over time, Peter had always voiced his discontent at being overlooked in the song creation department, and as such, he has been itching to prove himself as a solo artiste.

Peter believes he gets little credit for his contribution to Psquare and for his help with building the group’s structure.

The father of two has overly expressed his frustration with the tag of ‘Psquare’s dancer’.

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“I’ve been a creative person and I haven’t stopped till today. I’m very creative person but people still look at me as a dancer. It hurts but at the end of the day, I still remain a creative person,” he had said in 2016 when Psquare disbanded for some months.

“There are no challenges. I’ll do my best; It is something I always wanted. Now I’m on my own, I’ll do what I always wanted. I was limited before but now I’m good.”

The new deal means much
Even though he appeared to be relishing being on his own during the breakup of 2016, the group would later reunite and churn out more hit songs.

But the announcement of his new distribution deal with an American music company on Friday, to many, put paid to the prospect of Psquare ever being the same again.

Why? Peter has put pen to paper on a deal that most likely involves him alone, and would most certainly be valid for at least a couple of years — which means he’s contractually bound to honour it, no matter what.

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Even if the ongoing interventions in the Psquare crisis result in another case of reuniting for an album, Peter already has a distribution deal with Empire, and he must see it through.

The entertainer who now goes by ‘Mr P’ may have closed the door on the possibility of a return to Psquare with the new move.

Paul is not sitting idly and watching

Although Peter always had his hands in solo ventures which have little or nothing to do with his brothers, Paul appears reliant on his ability to create songs and also his pedigree as Psquare’s creative backbone.

While Peter was last week performing in Washington and promoting his solo career, Paul announced to his fans that he was busy in the studio, working on new songs.

In an apparent claim of the ownership of Psquare’s sound, Paul assured fans that his future recordings will sound nothing different than what they have come to expect from the group.

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A few days later, he revealed that the 2016 hit song ‘Bank Alert’ was recorded by him alone, but he was deceived to make it a Psquare song.

What does Jude have up his sleeves?
Honestly, no one knows much.

Jude — manager, sometimes video director, and elder brother of Psquare — is known to keep things close to his chest.

In fact, one of his most recent Instagram posts is a picture of an assortment of pills bearing the first letters of popular social media platforms.

“Don’t choke on ’em”, he captioned the picture.

But with Peter’s new distribution deal with Empire, and the implications therein, perhaps Jude may eventually roll out that which is up his sleeves, if any.

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