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The restoration agenda reloaded


“No problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything.” B. Dodge.

February 14, 2015 is a date that would remain indelible in the minds of Bayelsans and Nigerians at large. It is a date that is globally acclaimed to be the day for lovers, Saint Valentine’s Day, But to the people of Bayelsa State in South-South Nigeria it marked a watershed in the history of Bayelsa State. It was the day Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson was sworn in for the 2nd time having been re-elected as civilian governor of the state after the acrimonious December 6th and January 9th elections.

In the course of his campaigns prior to the elections that brought him into office, he traversed the length and breadth of the state promising to consolidate on the restoration of the lost glory of the state. Having won the elections decisively, the inauguration ceremony was more or less a symbolic event that accorded him an opportunity to appreciate the people for their support and the mandate they had freely given to him to serve for the second time.

However, the opposition instead of towing the honourable path of conceding victory went through the labyrinth of the judicial process in an attempt to thwart the will of the people freely giving to the ‘Contriman’ Governor.


Finally, after successive triumphs in the Tribunal, Appeal and finally in the Supreme Court, Governor Dickson in a great spirit of sportsmanship beckoned on his political opponents to join hands with him to transform this coastal state into the envy of all.  With various developmental challenges staring the state in the face, it is obvious that all hands must be on deck to guide one of Nigeria’s smallest states in the path of sustainable development. Politicians, leaders of thought, community and religious leaders must all put behind their sectional and political differences and join the ‘Countriman’ Governor as he strives to conquer the peculiar challenges of the delta.

In the first tenure of his assumption of office, the Dickson administration addressed head on the litany of problems it inherited.  His far-reaching programmes and policies, earned him several appellations such as ‘Contriman Governor’,”Ofruma-pepe”, ‘Restoration Governor’, ‘Talknado Governor’ and the like. Hon. Dickson has come to be regarded widely as the architect of the new era of Bayelsa State and has without doubt established a paradigm shift in the culture of governance. Indeed, he stepped into the seat of Government in Creek Haven with a determined zeal, creative ingenuity and courage to dare.

In the second term, in spite of the overwhelming economic challenges facing the country and the constituent states, he has ploughed on resolutely, striving to continue with development strides that he initiated in his first term. Construction work has continued in the state to the surprise and consternation of political opponents, analysts and observers alike even as he battles with the huge wage bill confronting the state.

He has by dint of hard work and strength of character led by example, affirming his credibility as a visionary leader.  He has succeeded in proving doubting Thomas’s wrong, giving hope to the people of Bayelsa State that tomorrow will certainly be better.

The march towards restoration as severally emphasized by Governor Henry Seriake Dickson, is no doubt one that can only be achieved by uncommon imagination and commitment. Drawing on the exertion of the state’s founding fathers and some of his predecessors, Governor Dickson has thrust the state into the frontline of national development.

The development-centered policies of Governor Henry Seriake Dickson have ushered in an era of hope and progress in Bayelsa State. In the next few years, there is no doubt that Bayelsans will witness more of the Contrimans’ magic and as the march to restoration continues unmitigated, the Restoration Government led by Governor Henry Seriake Dickson continues to enjoy the overwhelming support of Bayelsans, the Ijaw nation and the Niger Delta as he strives to turn the glory of all lands into the ‘Dubai of Africa”.

The years 2012 to 2015 have been remarkable in many ways hitherto unknown in the political history of the state. The following three years would undoubtedly leave a watershed in the history of Bayelsa.  At the seat of power is a leader who has continued to prove his mettle as a visionary and rare breed politician who brought with him a new philosophy of governance and a passion that is assuredly redemptive. Indeed he had the courage to dare!

***Akpe, Head (Media and Events) to the Bayelsa State Governor, contributed this piece from Abuja

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