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VIDEO: Deposed Gabon president Ali Bongo asks ‘friends’ to ‘make noise’


Deposed Gabonese president, Ali Bongo Ondimba has appealed to those he termed friends from all over the world to “make noise” about the situation in his country.

Bongo was overthrown by senior military officers in early hours of Wednesday shortly after winning a controversial election that gave him a third term in office.

The president who appeared in a video filmed at his residence and seen by TheNewsMatrics complained that he had been arrested along with members of his family. “I’m at the residence, my son  is somewhere, my wife is in another place”, he said showing visible signs of distress.

He said “nothing is happening”  and urged friends to “make noise, make noise” about his predicament.

The military officers have cancelled the elections, dissolved all state institutions and closed the country’s borders.

There have been reports of jubilation in Libreville, the nation’s capital as news of the coup broke effectively ending 57 years of the Bongo family’s dynastic rule over the oil producing nation.


See video below:


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