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Lawyer demands unpaid N600m legal fees from Fayose

Owoseni Ajayi, a lawyer based in Ado-Ekiti, capital of Ekiti state, has asked Ayodele Fayose, governor of the state, to pay him a professional fee amounting to N600 million for legal services he rendered.

Ajayi, who was Fayose’s lawyer before he was appointed attorney general and commissioner for justice, listed 13 high-profile cases he handled for the governor which had not been paid for.

In a letter he wrote to Fayose, made available to reporters in Ado-Ekiti on Wednesday, he said he demanded N600 million at the rate of N50 million for each of the case listed subject to accruable interest.

He said the cases were not paid for by Fayose because he was financially handicapped at the time but now buoyant enough to make payment.

“You will recall that you never paid our chamber, Owoseni Ajayi & Associates for the services rendered throughout the time because of your financial incapacitation despite numerous demands because you were already out of office at the material time,” the letter read.

“It should be stressed that we never acted free because we are legal practitioners working for our legal fee nor offered you ‘pro bono’ service because you were not a pauper to be qualified for such a service.

“We merely showed understanding up till now because of the prevalent circumstances verily known to you. And now that you have served another term as Governor of Ekiti State, you are financially strong enough to pay the said sum as demanded.

“Sir, you will agree with us that a labourer deserves his wages. We thank you for your patronage and we also deserve commendation for having discharged our professional responsibility with diligence and without compromise.

“And also for saving Your Excellency from several legal embarrassments.”

The cases include a defamation case: Ayo Fayose v Independent Communications Network Limited with suit number HAD/8/2004 and the appeal case emanating from the same suit marked CA/AE/58/2010.

Federal Republic of Nigeria v Ayo Fayose with charge number FHC/C/179C/2006 which was a criminal case heard both in Lagos and Ado-Ekiti federal high courts until Fayose was discharged and acquitted in October 2014.

Peter Ayodele Fayose v Comptroller General of Prisons Suit Number: FHC/AK/CS/08/2008, which was about Fayose’s ‘controversial’ release from Ikoyi Prisons to face murder charge in Ekiti.

Other cases listed include Peter Ayodele Fayose v EFCC appeal marked CA/I/144/2011, Peter Ayodele Fayose v the State marked HAD/16/2007 to stop his arraignment for murder by the Segun Oni administration, the appeal case that arose from it marked CA/14C14/2007 and the Supreme Court that emanated from it still pending marked SC449/2011.

Peter Ayodele Fayose v EFCC and Inspector General of Police with Suit No: FHC/A14CS/85/2006 following his illegal removal from office and the appeal case that followed it IGP & AG Federation v Peter Ayodele Fayose marked CA/B/44/2007.

The last case mentioned was E-Eleven v Peter Ayodele Fayose and 2 Ors filed to frustrate his swearing-in to office after winning the 2014 governorship election.

Ekiti workers accuse Fayose of wasting N3bn on chartered flights


Ekiti State workers under the aegis of the Enlightened Workers Forum
(EWF) and a respected intellectual think-tank group in the state, Ado
Ekiti Integrity Group, AIG,  have accused Governor Ayodele Fayose of
spending N3 billion on chartered flights across the country in pursuit
of political and personal affairs.

While the workers regretted that the alleged waste of sate funds on hiring
of private jets had not in anyway added value to governance or benefit
the people of the state for nearly four years of Fayose in office, the
socio-political group wants his prosecuted for diverting state funds
into illegal private enterprises.

The Government, through the state Commissioner of Information debunked
the allegations and dared those accusing Governor Fayose, to come into
the open with evidences to back their claims.

The EWF in a statement on Saturday by its Coordinator, Mike Bamidele,
alleged that Fayose spends N26 million of state funds monthly on
chartered flights which “has dug a big hole in the Ekiti treasury.”

The workers’ pressure group alleged that Fayose junkets to Abuja,
Lagos and Port Harcourt “where he has personal and political interests
leaving governance to suffer abysmally at home in Ekiti.”

The statement reads in part: “We are in possession of evidence of how
the governor frequently flew members of his family and women of easy
virtues in and out of the state and to locations, where he spends
weekends and usually holidays with his associates.

“For 47 months, the governor was said to have made countless trips and
checks at aviation hiring companies were said to have revealed a
mind-boggling accumulation of flight time logs that runs into a
monthly average of N26 million Naira.

Comprehensive checks at aviation companies, showed that a jet costs
about 2,500 Dollars per hour and a round trip costs around
$20,000-$40,000 (dollars) depending on the whims of the client, who
sometimes delay planes for hours to conclude their affairs.
In a similar vein, Ado Integrity group,  lambasted the Ekiti State Governor, Mr
Ayodele Fayose over the report that he expended a whopping sum of  3
Billion Naira, to hire private jets, to fly around the country in his
47 months in office.

According to a statement signed and released by Dr Sikiru Eniola, the group’s
Chairman on Sunday in Ado Ekiti, the state capital, the group
expressed regret that a top aide to President Muhammadu Buhari,
Senator Femi Ojudu has earlier warned on the Governor’s penchant for
junketing around the country in private jets, on the bills of the
state, but that it was unheeded.

The group’s statement reads ; ”.A little while ago, the distinguished
Senator  Babafemi Ojudu raised an alarm on the reckless spending of Mr Fayose
on plane chatter, air travels and other inanities.

”Unfortunately, Ekiti citizens considered it the complaint of an
aspirant. Today, that dark period has dawned on us. The whopping
billions of the Ekiti
commonwealth expended on whims, fancies and extra -curricular scandals
by the outgoing emperor are now our liability in Ekiti.

”It is true that these scandals are being unearthed before the
inauguration of a
new administration. Ekiti citizens, regardless of party politics must
rally together to ensure that this impunity does not go unanswered for.
”It is the first time that an alleged Ekiti son will inflict this humongous financial and cultural disaster on Ekiti in our centuries of existence.

”The ancestors of this land must be weeping in their graves
for the number of deaths recorded under the Fayose Administration
among workers who could not afford medications, penurious pensioners
who died in hunger and many dependants who died because their parents, husbands, wives and relatives could not meet desired medical bills.
”Our Obas had their salaries slashed and unpaid for several months.

Today is a mourning day for witnessing this impunity especially, when a
park of parliamentarian renegades gathered together, to approve another
scandalous extra budgetary sum of 10b naira. This sounds like a fairy
tale but this governor and his co conspirators have names and
addresses and should be sanctioned for all these infractions.

However, the state’s  Commissioner for Information, Mr. Lanre
Ogunsuyi, described the allegation as a “figment of infantile
imagination of EWF.”

Describing the EWF as “unenlightened,” Ogunsuyi as untrue. He said the
group was only playing to the gallery to please the opposition which
he described as its political paymasters.

“The allegation is untrue, does the governor charter plane to
everywhere he goes every month? We are waiting for their so-called
evidence to prove their allegations.”