Plateau killings: 19 family members murdered as death toll hits 195

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Details have emerged of the latest death toll in the attacks on Plateau State communities across three local government areas on December 24 and 25, 2023.

The details were released by the leadership of the affected three local government areas: Bokkos, Mango and Barkin Lady.

The death toll was put at 195 as of Wednesday when the figures were released.


Out of the number, 148 were killed in Bokkos Local Government Area, 19 in Mangu Local Government Area and 27 in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area.

The Chairman of the Management Committee of Bokkos LGA, Monday Kassa, said from the 25 communities attacked under him, 148 people were killed, 88 are receiving treatments in different hospitals and 1,290 houses burnt.

Kassa said: “These attacks are unprovoked and they were well coordinated by our assailants because they took place in all the 25 communities simultaneously.”

The Transition Committee Chairman of Mangu LGA, Markus Artu, said 19 persons were killed in Lar’apya community in Kerang District of Mangu.

Artu added that the 19 were from the same family and a house was burnt in the community, adding that the incident happened on December 23.

In Barkin Ladi LGA, Rwang Tengwong, the National Publicity Secretary, of Berom Youth Moulders-Association, said villages attacked included Daruwat, Hurum, Hirpiya, Mai Yanga and Ntv, while 26 persons were killed.

Tengwong said in Daruwat, eight persons were killed; Hurum, one person; Hirpiya, two persons; Mai Yanga, 16 persons; and Ntv, 10 persons.

He said: “The number of houses burnt is yet to be ascertained because three of the villages were completely razed and there are no people there.”